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DR 5 John Deere Explora 85 Tractor-Mounted Drill Rig

A versatile compact Geotechnical Drill Rig

Travelling Length 6000mm
Footprint Length 3150mm
Width 1500mm
Weight 5500kg
Height Travelling 2400mm
Height Drilling 6000mm
Ground Pressure 2.2kg/cm²



GEORIG 220 is designed for CPT/CPTU and static penetration and has a pushing capacity of 200 kN.

The small compact 220 is designed for tight/difficult access sites. Due to its small dimensions, light weight and crawlers the Georig 220’s capacity in rough terrain is very good.

Even though it weighs about 2 tons, it has a pushing capacity of 20 tons. It can also perform other methods like dynamic sounding and rotary/augering.

The Georig 220 has lifting points to be either helicoptered or craned into site.

Technical Specifications:

Stroke: 1500mm
Width: 1660mm
Length: 2650mm
Height: 1790mm
Height (mast lowered): 1420 mm
Push force (max): 200Kn
Pull force (max) 200Kn
Weight: 2000kg to 2300kg (depending on equipment)

Support Vehicles

Our Land cruiser 4x4 vehicles are equipped with a flashing beacon, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spill kit, health and safety manual and maintenance record booklet.

Plastic Track Mats

Temporary fences


Light tower

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